Pura Vida in Costa Rica

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Pura Vida! All about this blog

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Why me and Why here?

My name is Ana, and I was born and raised in Costa Rica. I have the luck to live in a country with no army, with 25% of it’s territory declared as national park and home of the happiest people on earth. As if that wasn’t enough, I live in Liberia, Guanacaste; the province of agriculture, beaches, volcanoes and culture.

I grew up in a farm where my father produces sugar cane and hay. Still a farmer he built a small lodge, to offer visitors a relaxed and cozy place to rest while treated as part of the family. This allowed me to interact with many people; people who come and go looking for the meaning of a “Pura Vida” life. Inspired by the intercultural experiences and the stories heard, I decided to write about Costa Rica, about our people, places, food, culture… about our life. I hope you enjoy the blog!

Until the next time,